I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer on Nov. 14th, 2014.  My particular cancer is called STIC because it is confined to my fallopian tubes, and had not spread to my ovaries.   STIC is an early stage of Ovarian Cancer.  I have an excellent prognosis because I knew the symptoms, called my Doctor, and was treated quickly.

I knew the symptoms because last summer a friend shared her Ovarian Cancer story with me.  Barely three months later I realized that I had the symptoms. 

During chemo treatments I ask patients on either side of me if they would like to talk.  I've heard far too many stories from Ovarian and other OB/GYN cancer patients about not knowing symptoms.  They also share their concern about the Doctors who had them wait and watch.  Waiting and watching with OB/GYN cancers can risk a terminal prognosis. 

My family, friends, and I created the Symptom Calendar to help women track and record their symptoms.  Our hope is that the Symptom Calendar will assist health care professionals to diagnose and treat OB/GYN cancers in a more timely manner.  Click on the link at the top to open the printable Symptom Calendar.

I've always been told the OB/GYN cancers are silent.  We have learned that the symptoms are QUIET, NOT SILENT.   My friend died of Ovarian Cancer barely a month after she shared her symptoms with me.  She gave me the gift of life.  The Symptom Calendar is our attempt to pass that most treasured gift on to you. 

Please share the Symptom Calendar with the women in your lives that you love.  Pass it on :)

Smiles, Merry and Mike

To David, Yvonne and Chris, Lauren and Tom, Chris and Chris, Ruth and David, Tanya, Mike.  Most of all to Ellen, Barbara, and Lorrie for sharing your symptoms and stories.  You helped save my life, and I know how much you want the gift to continue.  Thank You.